Custom ETL

Method Mill Custom ETL

Method Mill, an OptimizeIQ venture product, is a data piping solution that enables organizations to unlock insights from across data sources without requiring any engineering resources and for a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. Unifying data sources into a data warehouse or business intelligence tool has never been easier or more reliable.

Method Mill Does all the Complex ETL Engineering
so Your Team Can Focus on Analysis

Our proprietary ETL tool (extract/transform/load) for data integration enables us to build reliable and scalable data integrations from any data source. Clients can use our library of dozens of pre-existing data source adaptors or we can custom build a solution for fraction of the cost to build internally or by using other ETL providers.


  • Unlock insights from across your data sources for complex and meaningful analysis
  • Custom ETL available on demand within weeks
  • Seamless and simple configuration, without any need for internal engineering resources to get up and running
  • Reliable security, with enterprise-class encryption
  • Freedom to select any data warehouse or business intelligence tool with the ability to switch at any time or load to multiple end points
  • Scales to petabytes in real time


  • Fully configured data integrations
  • Data adaptors for every data source required
  • Loaders for every data end point required
  • Ongoing adaptor maintenance for a low monthly fee
  • Lightweight SQL or NoSQL analysis environment
  • Simple visualizations, dashboards, and reports
  • Recommended library of queries and pre-defined analyses

Ideal Projects

Regardless of data source, Method Mill is flexible enough to handle any data integration and send data to any end point. We have built adaptors for CRM systems, back-end databases, email marketing systems, ad management platforms, server log files, and APIs. Popular end points we have built include Amazon Redshift, Elasticsearch, Tableau, Domo, and SAP.

icon-2Typical Project Cost:
icon-2Typical Duration:
2-4 weeks

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